Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Week In Islam

Although some people respect and love Islam and would like to be Muslims, but still they think the first step in the transferring to Islam is difficult, what they have to do how to become Muslim, what is the effecting of that on the people around me, would they accept me,,, oh am gonna lose them, am gonna suffer Or with the help of God everything will be fine, I will find the truth i will find the God, I will find myself, I will be happy I will have different meaning of my life, my life will be more important since I have big goals I must be good Muslim and help the others to find the way as well. can you imagine the feeling you will have by reading the Holy Quran ( the book of ALLAH), it's something no one can describe but you can feel it. 

think of this:
Transferring to Islam is like a journey I have started  with my own willing and decision then it's end up me at the paradise.

Please watch the experience of this American young girl who just converted to Islam. 


kindly share this post with your friends and your beloved and remeber the says of the Profit Mohammed (PBUH):
“if the God were to guide one man through you, that would be better for you than having red camels (the best kind). ...also says : better for you than owning whatever the sun light could cover ( a great reward )" - the meaning .

Here also another lady from Dagenham is a large suburb of East London, England.

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