Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dubai 45 gigapixels Photo

Dubai 45 gigapixels' Photo
صورة حجمها 45 جيجا بيكسل لمدينة دبي 

If you Like Dubai, for sure you will like discovering the details and searching all the corners of this GIGAPixel  Photo of Dubai.

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what I can say here is to be careful, because you never know who can see you :)

Some Snapshots (direct links):
Check out this GigaPan!   The Dubai Mall Entrance  - مدخل دبي مول

Check out this GigaPan!  Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Poster - بوستر صورة الشيخ محمد بن راشد

Check out this GigaPan! (Ice Cream Trucks for al Morouj Company) - شركة المروج

Check out this GigaPan!   be Careful they can see you :-)  إحذر فلا تعلم من يراك

Check out this GigaPan!   Taxi Driver Gathering - تجمع لسائقي التاكسي في مكان ما

(the Link to Dubai Photo)

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