Saturday, May 4, 2013

From Google Reader to Feedly Apps

  From Google Reader to Feedly Apps

Powering Down Google Reader 

" We have just announced on the Official Google Blog that we will soon retire Google Reader (the actual date is July 1, 2013). We know Reader has a devoted following who will be very sad to see it go. We’re sad too. "
Honestly, when i first heard this i felt bad
on the other hand, there was some good news from Google, they gave the users enough time to transmit the data/info saved posts...etc. from Google reader to another application ... Finally, I found the best App to do that,and that was: Feedly
Feedly Apps 
For iPhone, Android and FireFox
The better way to organize, read and share the content of your favorite sites.
More than 3,000,000 Google Reader users have switched to feedly. 

It's very simple to use, Just log in using your Google Reader account and Feedly will do the rest of the job for you

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